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Sharpening Machines for Band Saw Blades




BU 800P
The BU 800P semiautomatic-sharpening machine, equipped with the band-saw adapter, is designed for band-saw blade sharpening.


The band-saw blade is guided upon a massive base with permanent magnets that secure strong clinging also of wider blades.


The adapter levelling adjustment allows accurate positioning of a feeding tip. As a standard option, the rake angle, tooth depth and pitch are possible to be adjusted, as well as the corresponding cam can be easily changed at all BU 800 type sharpening machines.


Above mentioned BU 800 sharpening machine characteristics are especially valuable when tooth parameters are necessary to be changed according to sawn block requirements.




Band saw blade width max.

130 mm

Tooth depth max. 35 mm
Tooth pitch max. 60 mm
Rake angle -100-350










This automatic sharpener guarantees absolute precision, comparable to that of a stationary unit, with maintenance-free and operator-compatible handling properties.


Assembled from three parts with effortless ease, it is easy to transport, quick to put in action, and will re-sharpen the blade within about 10 minutes automatically and exactly, just like the proverbial "Swiss watch".



Band saw blade width

30 - 110 mm

Grinding wheel 175 x 8 x 32
Band saw blade length 3000 - 7000 mm
Tooth depth max. 35 mm
Grinding speed 41 teeth/min.
Tooth pitch 5-45 mm













The SAWLINE 50 is semiautomatic-sharpening machine designed for band-saw blade sharpening till width 50 mm.


The sharpening machine is equipped with cooling system and lighting. 


The feeding speed is smoothly controlled.




Band saw blade width

15 - 50 mm

Band saw blade length 2000 - 5000 mm
Tooth depth 3 – 10 mm
Tooth pitch 10 – 30 mm
Rake angle -100-350