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Saw Blade Sharpening Machines 




BU 800/1200 and BUH 800/1200 

A semiautomatic sharpening machine without sharpening cooling (model BU 800/1200) or with sharpening cooling (BUH 800/1200) are designed for saw blades sharpening in longitudinal cutting saws with straight cutting face and back.


The sharpening machine is intended for sawmills as a supplementary sharpening outfit not only of all types of StrojCAD log circular saws, but also of Laimet or Kara saws (for models with blades maximum 1.200 mm in diameter).


The blade shifting mechanism is a part of the circular saw blade adapter. For all grinding disc diameters, feeding fingers move in a circle, the centre of which is always identical with a saw blade centre.


The main feeding mechanism is imbedded precisely on bearings and the saw blade is held in harden cone, which ensures accurate saw blade centring, independent from the saw blade opening diameter.


The sharpening machines are constructed as the universal BU sharpening machines, for various blade diameters and tooth pitch.


The lower part of BUH 800/1200 is constructed as a kind of the cooling liquid collecting tank.


It is also equipped with a pump and a filter, as well as a switchgear with a very low voltage part installed, what is extremely necessary for preventing any breakdowns or accidents in a damp or wet environment 



Saw blade diameter min.

250 mm

Saw blade diameter max. 800/1200 mm
Tooth depth max. 35 mm
Tooth pitch max. 60 mm
Rake angle 00-450












Manual saw blade sharpening machine BU 2001 is designed for accurate and fast sharpening of saw blades from 150 to 700 mm in diameter.


The sharpening machine has a solid frame with the option to be mounted to the workbench.


A special feeding mechanism in installed at this kind of sharpening machine, which enables very accurate feeding of individual tooth to the grinding disc.


With this type of sharpening machine you are able to sharpen saw blade cutting faces and backs.


What is more, you can also adjust the face and back rakes. 




Saw blade diameter min.

150 mm

Saw blade diameter max. 700 mm
Tooth depth max. 35 mm
Tooth pitch max. 60 mm
Rake angle 00-150